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Little Book of Affirmations Kate Delamere

Little Book of Affirmations Kate Delamere

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Little Book of Affirmations: Uplifting Quotes and Positivity Practices Kate Delamere

Over 150 affirmations and sayings for the reader to repeat daily, which cover all areas where you may need help, from self-esteem to relationship problems to a stalled career.

Dispel negative self-talk, soothe anxiety and promote positivity with these thoughtful and inspiring quotes, sayings and affirmations.

Harness the power of positive thinking with affirmations that you can use every day to attract health, healing, abundance and peace into your life. These affirmations - based on the law of attraction, that positive thoughts will bring positive results - will help balance your mind and body and help you face challenges in your life by encouraging balance, resilience and greater self-esteem. The book is organized thematically to cover such categories as love and relationships, growth and abundance, gratitude, confidence and self-esteem. Both everyday affirmations and celebrity and literary quotes are given throughout.
'I am better than I used to be. Better than I was yesterday. But hopefully not as good as I'll be tomorrow.' Marianne Williamson.

'Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm Possible'.' Audrey Hepburn

The word 'affirmation' comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning 'to make steady, strengthen'; by saying, hearing or writing a powerful affirmation, you manifest it into your brain over and over again until you believe the affirmation.
Table of Contents:
- Self-belief: This section offers practices and affirmations to build self-esteem, confidence, resilience and inner strength
- Inspiration: Creativity, inspiration and motivation are the themes of this chapter - whether you are lacking energy or are feeling weighed down, uninventive or blocked - Choices & Change: Deciding to change helps us feel powerful, in ownership of our life and motivates us into action
- Love & Relationships: For manifesting love, romance and friendships and for improving relationships of all kinds
- Gratitude & Peace: Promotes gratitude for all aspects of your life, as well as calm, balance and serenity
- Growth & Abundance: For manifesting energy and abundance in your career, health and wealth sectors.

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ISBN:                        9781800691773
Series:                       Little Book Of...
Audience:                 General
Format:                     Hardcover
Language:                 English
Number Of Pages:    192
Published:                 3 0 August 2022
Publisher:                  Welbeck
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