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The Little Book of Bees Buzzy Wit and Wisdom

The Little Book of Bees Buzzy Wit and Wisdom

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The Little Book of Bees Buzzy Wit and Wisdom

Bees are one of our closest allies. Apart from the glorious honey they produce, they pollinate our crops and keep the cycle of life turning. Ye ttheir very survival is under threat. 

Beyond the vital role that bees play for our planet, there is something endlessly intriguing about them. The buzz of a garden bee conjures up a carefree summer's day and tugs at childhood memories. 

And the beehive uncannily reflects our own world where each individual plays their part: hunter-gatherer, factory worker, nurse, celebrity - or even the lazy shirker!

Drawing on prose and poetry from across the ages, this Little Book provides a fascinating insight into the lives of bees and reminds us of our debt - and duty - to these extraordinary creatures. 

"A summer where there are no bees becomes as sad and as empty as one without flowers or birds." Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

"Never put clean sheets on the line on the first good day of spring. Bees do not hibernate and on warm days tiny yellow spots of "bee pee" will appear on your washing as workers take short "cleansing flights" away from the hive. 

"Five miles is the average range of bees from their hive. "

Table of Contents: 

The Joy of bees • Nectar of the Gods: Bees in myth, folklore and superstition • Hive World : Of bees and beekeeping • What's the Buzz : Bees of the rich, powerful, famous and fashionable • A Taste of Honey • Listen to the Bees: Advice for Life.

Product Details
  •  Hardback | 192 pages
  •  113 x 137 x 20.32mm | 249.48g
  •  Orange Hippos!
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  9781800690073





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