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Cobalt Blue Matthew Reilly

Cobalt Blue Matthew Reilly

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Cobalt Blue Matthew Reilly

Cobalt Blue is the eighteenth novel written by Matthew Reilly.

For 35 years, the United States and Russia each had their own superhero.

Cobalt Green is in the Army

Cobalt Red is a Chicago cop

Cobalt White protects New York City with Cobalt Purple

Cobalt Silver resides in Utah

Cobalt Gold watches over Las Vegas

And Cobalt Black is a genius

Three days ago, America's hero died.

Today will be bad.

In the face of an overwhelming attack, one young woman - unassuming and anonymous - might be America's only hope. Her codename ... Cobalt Blue

Reviews for Cobalt Blue from GoodReads:

- "A novella from a favourite author. Full of action, this is a super hero story with a twist. For 35 years, both the USA and Russia had their own superhero. Then, the American died. And it all went bad. In true Matthew Reilly style, the pace is non stop, the action is brutal and the story shifts from current day to days past almost seamlessly, building the narrative and fleshing out the characters."

- "Cobalt Blue features, but is not limited to, the following themes: adult fantasy, Superheroes, Villains,  Politics and Science. My overall rating for Cobalt Blue is...5 Stars!
What a story! The sheer desperation of this book... I could feel it in my bones! The storytelling was incredibly vivid, I felt as though I were at the movie theatres, fully immersed in the giant screen and surround sound. The heroes where unique and lovable; the villains downright terrifying! Completely, irrelevant to the story, I loved the formatting of this book! The different coloured texts and few diagrams added a certain appeal. Overall, an epic and completely gripping tale of superheroes, villains and science."

Product Details:
  • ISBN:             9781761261671
  • Format:         Hardback
  • Pub Date:      02/08/2022
  • Imprint:         Pan Australia
  • Pages:           216
  • Price:             $32.99



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