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Testament Wilbur Smith

Testament Wilbur Smith

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Testament Wilbur Smith with Mark Chadbourn

An epic new novel of Ancient Egypt.

In the ruins of battle. A Hero Must Rise. For the Future of Egypt.

Years of Hyksos rule have seen the ruin and suffering of a once-mighty Egypt. Though Pharaoh is now restored to his rightful throne, his power is fragile as some seek to take advantage of the ensuing chaos following the overthrowing of the Hyksos. Desperate to unite the two divided kingdoms of Egypt under Pharaoh's rule, the great mage Taita sends his protege, Piay, to discover the answer to a millennia-old riddle which has the power to secure the fate of Egypt forever.

But in the chaos of war, a dark evil has thrived. Malevolent followers of Seth, the god of chaos, are determined to claim this power to serve their own interests, which would set Egypt along a dark path.

With the fate of Egypt at stake, Piay races across the desert chasing the clues from the riddle. Can he prevent their beloved land falling into the hands of those who would see its ruin?

Product Details:

  •                      Hardback
  •       29 August 2023
  • Publisher:                 Bonnier


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