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Victory at Gate Pa Buddy Mikaere Cliff Simons

Victory at Gate Pa Buddy Mikaere Cliff Simons

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Victory at Gate Pa Buddy Mikaere Cliff Simons


The Battle of Pukehinahina at Gate Pa in 1864 was a defining moment in New Zealand history.

It brought together forces representing the British Empire's military machine, political  manoeuvring and settled land hunger, Maori notions of sovereignty and self-determination, Christian ideals and blood and death on a rainy afternoon in Tauranga in 1864.

The battle had immediate repercussions for Maori land ownership and brought into question the value of the Treaty of Waitangi and the idea that New Zealanders were now One People. Although Maori technically won the battle in a humiliating defeat of the British troops, the long-term cost was high. Over 50,000 acres of their land was confiscated as punishment for the rebellion. 

The story of the battle for Gate Pa is told here by two voices. Buddy Mikaere, who is a descendant of Maori who fought in the battle; and Cliff Simons, who has a PhD in Defence and Strategic Studies. 

Together their two voices paint a vivid picture of the events leading up to the battle, the strategies that allowed a small group of Maori to defeat 1700 imperial soldiers, sailors and artillery, and the dramatic aftermath of the conflict. 

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  • Format:                          Hardback
  • Publication Date:           08/02/2024
  • ISBN:                              9781776940134
  • Publisher:                      White Cloud Books
  • Country of Origin:         New Zealand
  • Pages:                            176
  • RRP:                               $39.99
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